Mike Parks’ C3 Covette Race Car

Mike Parks bought an old C3 Corvette race car. What he bought was the original chassis, two small block racing engines, some spares, and a coupe body that was so bad there was no fiberglass that could be reused.

Race cars have logbooks. And in that logbook was the history of the car, it’s builder, it’s first driver, and all of the owners that came afterward. So Mike Parks, the current owner, was able to track down the driver, Ron Weaver, the builder, Pete Klain, and through Pete, myself, who crewed on the car in the ’70s, but more importantly, created the graphics. Mike, who lives near San Francisco, wanted me to recreate the paint scheme. What a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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Neil DeAtley’s Track-T

I was introduced to Neil DeAtley, a Scottsdale car collector, in 2005 by a mutual friend who thought I could help Neil get his project car started right before it got too far along. During several sessions with the car, I was able to get the stance, attitude, and lines of the car to work together. Later I proposed and taped on the car a modern scallop two-tone paint scheme, and showed Neil a variety of color combinations to choose from. Having the engine exposed throughout the graphics was just a natural.

I thoroughly photographed the car and sent out packets to a couple of magazines to see if there was any interest. Eric Geisart of Street Rodder responded and came to Neil’s in the fall of 2012 to take his own photos that ended up in the magazine. He was very complementary and urged Neil to enter the car in the Great American Roadster Show.

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