Performance Design Industrial Design. Graphic Design. Illustration. Car and Product Photography. Since 1988. Located near Phoenix, Arizona I specialize in small manufacturers of automotive and sports related products. Gary D. Smith Art Center College of Design, Trans, 1973 General Motors Design Staff, 1973–1988
  1. Hi Gary,
    I’ve been enjoying Dean’s Garage for a while and finally made a contribution. Also good to see the encouraging verse about salvation and our Savior. I enjoy the somewhat GM Design centric posts. The closest I got to working there was a 2 hour interview in Chuck Jordan’s office. One of the regrets of my life was being directed to the Design Library(a place I would have loved to hang out), to find the great Bill Porter looking at a Car Styling magazine which had a rendering in it very similar to one he had just seen in my portfolio! I debated weather to go over to him and explain where my sketch differed, but decided(in the hubris of youth) that if he couldn’t see that I had original thinking in other sketches in the portfolio then that would be the way things were. Anyway so much for my regrets. Thanks so much for the site and the enjoyment it brings. Thanks, Mark

  2. Charlie

    Hi Gary, I read with great interest, the touching story of your father’s 1979 Century Turbo Coupe on Dean’s Garage. I was wondering if it was still in your family or if you knew it’s current whereabouts. Thanks, Charlie

    • GafferDad

      My mom sold the ’79 Century Turbo Coupe after my dad’s death in 1980. I could have probably gotten the car from her at the time, but decided not to. I don’t remember my reasons exactly.

      I very much appreciated your comment.

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